How to trade like a Hunter-Gatherer


Proactive models for swing-trading


Reactive models for intraday/overnight trading

Trading The Markets Like A Hunter Gatherer

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About the Book

In Paleolithic prehistoric times our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors put food on the table by hunting for wild game and collecting whatever gifts nature placed in their way.

This book promotes a similar approach to stock trading. It will show how to scan the market like a Hunter for high-probability setups and use reactive models to profit from shorter-term market opportunities as a Gatherer.

You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how brokerages and markets really work, and how the behavior of various market participants can lead to recognizable patterns that a trader can profit from.

Part two of the book is a veritable “cookbook” for traders, outlining a large number of models for finding situations to engage in. It starts with short-term intraday setups, move on to medium-term swing trading, and end with showing how to size up in large and rare asymmetric opportunities.

The author has a broad background from finance as a broker, trader, and business-developer. He is now pursuing the strategies laid out in this book as a hedge fund manager of The Paleo Fund.